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Post 1 Postface 1: The Suzuki Method Section

SaxoLaxo-Handling-Mark-Suzuki-MethodIt’s hard to decide which is truly the lesser evil: making the already 15 page first blog post even longer or making the second blog post a supplementary comment on the first blog post. With my moral compass pointing straight at “42” (not NNE<°<NE) in measurement of blogging’s capacity for evilness, I will step over that question and proceed with the next three blog posts all being supplementary comments on the first blog post.

I actually displayed what must have been absolutely hidden editorial constraint when constructing Post 1 (found here) considering the snowballing amount of visual content I generated while exploring the sections. In a gut-punched curtsy to coherence I managed to withhold a collection of images and details that were trailing away like an irrational number and would have at worst porridged the topic and at very best visually knocked the balance of images:text into a state of supercriticality. So instead, I’ve taken those lateral buds off the bulb of Post 1 to plant content anew. And the first in this cute little row of my postface garden is the miscellany for the Suzuki Violin Method section (found here). Continue reading