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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Search Engines


SaxoLaxo-Illuminated-Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet — is how I might have not only begun this post but continued onward had I not thought this out further. For the unfamiliar, these bastardized words of Cicero have become common filler text to get a pulse on the graphical potential of a written work in progress; if you have a place for text, don’t write, test the layout with this “greeked” Latin instead. A wikipediable practice long used by printers and typesetters, I look at that grabbable premade block of illegibility and wonder if I have so convenient an option available. Deluded of course as its role is solely to uncloud their workspace for their actual expertise it nonetheless presents a compelling approach for beginning something. Here is your starter kit; you will find Lorem ipsum next to the manual. Because staring ahead, blinking casually at infinity, you find yourself with a question: when you start, what do you start with? Have I started yet?

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