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P1PF3: The Flour Sack Section | aka P4


The essence of animation. The sculpting of existence. The Big When. The difference between daily intervals, monthly intervals, and posting in March 2016 and again in January 2018.


The stuff above this sentence. Timing and Spacing are the two main principles of animation and had the medium been as ancient as these core ideas then Greek twin deities would have danced through the cosmos in analogy. Timing is knowing that I want this paragraph to end in seven more words, spacing is deciding which. Continue reading

Post 1 Postface 2: The Utah Teapot Section

SaxoLaxo-Utah-Teapot-Old-MapFor those who’ve trudged through the last two posts rest assured that once the auxiliary Post 1 material is depleted we will not be carrying on with each successive post requiring meta tethering to each previous one. I.e. the fact that these opening lines are rudely unsalutational and may leave you feeling like your friend’s mother just assigned him chores upon your arrival for a play date is not the pervading vibe I’m trying to establish here. This convention is the black smoke as the engine cold starts. And, sure, note the irony that it’s my action of mentioning this that has created yet another meta tethering so really let’s just jump into the post proper and I’ll clear up what’s going on and if YOUR SCANNING EYES CAUGHT SIGHT OF THESE WORDS before starting at the top just spare yourself and pick up at the paragraph below.

Ech — as a spacing concern let’s not bother starting the content here; web formatting is so variable. Overleaf / after the jump / doot di do. Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Search Engines


SaxoLaxo-Illuminated-Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet — is how I might have not only begun this post but continued onward had I not thought this out further. For the unfamiliar, these bastardized words of Cicero have become common filler text to get a pulse on the graphical potential of a written work in progress; if you have a place for text, don’t write, test the layout with this “greeked” Latin instead. A wikipediable practice long used by printers and typesetters, I look at that grabbable premade block of illegibility and wonder if I have so convenient an option available. Deluded of course as its role is solely to uncloud their workspace for their actual expertise it nonetheless presents a compelling approach for beginning something. Here is your starter kit; you will find Lorem ipsum next to the manual. Because staring ahead, blinking casually at infinity, you find yourself with a question: when you start, what do you start with? Have I started yet?

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