Saxo Laxo Waxing

“You’re a windy son of a bitch, aren’t you? Nobody asked you for clarification and you’re giving me clarification.
I was making a statement, not asking for clarification. You are a windy son of a bitch aren’t you?”
—The Bloated Colonel with the Big Fat Mustache, Catch-22

I stand humbled before the action committee of web browsing eyeballs, ears, and fingers to say oh shucks you poor doubly sorry bastards having not only stumbled upon this site but now having gone off and started clicking things willy nilly landed yourself on this page of all places where I’ve of course dutifully left another heaping pile of words for you to step over.

[“safeword” *stops scene*] To all simply trying to return to the front page just follow <that link, or for future reference just click the ^site banner.

Dylan ClancySo what is Saxo Laxo Waxing? Saxo Laxo Waxing is the blog platform of Saxo Laxo. What is Saxo Laxo? Saxo Laxo is the art practice of Dylan Clancy. Who is Dylan Clancy? Dylan Clancy is a multidisciplinary artist. What is multidisciplinary art? Multidisciplinary art is the type of art that gets introduced in this grating manner. Grating yet conspicuously logical, I’d say, paralleling my own thoughts that lead to the embracement of this framework for exploring the arts. Basically, I make pictures, designs, comics, animation, performances, music, and I write, and I research, and I analyze, and I decided that 1 multidisciplinary, despite its syllabic social tax, covers this and 2 a blog, despite no domain name ever being sold through Sotheby’s, is an auspicious format for sharing art’s gamut.

Now for all my love of mum pictorial semiotics I also love me some kicked back beer-handed breeze shooting as well as carved up Jenga towers of textual blueprint fruition: I enjoy language and writing. And expanding on the previous paragraph (instead of properly editing these together) here on this site I’ll be both posting written stand-alones as well as deeply behind-the-scenesing my other creations — not unlike dropping them in a bomb calorimeter. And the net ever interactive, I’d love to hear from you, dear reader of the admirable attention span, anytime you want to chime harmoniously or dissonantly.

You can find me here, waxing ad nauseam.

tl;dr :

Crooked, as I’m not recapping above, however, I recognize you don’t always, and some, ever, want to read. So I will maintain a text-free sister site on Tumblr that will only contain the pretty pictures from this blog; click below. I’ll huff and I’ll puff and look at that I’m shutting up.